A Guide to Buying Men's Suits & Blazers

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A Guide to Buying Men's Suits & Blazers

Men's Suits and Men’s Blazers in Melbourne

There is no doubt about it, buying men’s suits or even just a men’s blazer can be difficult and not an article of clothing that typically can be taken lightly. It is necessary you do plenty of research of where to buy men’s suits or if you are going down the route of made to wear, you need to find a tailor you trust. Putting in the necessary groundwork will ensure you end up with a great suit that fits you to a tee and that’s suitable for the occasion.

Quite often you stand in a shop with multiple racks of men’s suits and men’s blazers and you are never really sure which one to buy as with so many options nowadays it make it for a difficult decision.

There are many factors when buying men’s suits that you need to consider- the event; is it casual or formal? What season will you be wearing this suit in? What type of fit or design/colour you prefer?

Here are some brief points to remember when buying men’s suits:-

Fit plays an Important Role

No matter how much money you spend, a man in a well-fitted men’s suit looks attractive and appealing. The right fit can make or break a suit so consider the following measurement guidelines:-

  • The shoulders: The seam of the shoulder should meet the seam of the sleeve where your arm meets your shoulder.
  • The length of the men’s blazer: It should not be too big or short. When your arms are straight down, you should be able to put your fingers under the sides of your blazer.
  • The sleeves: It should never fall lower than the base of your thumb.

Choose Fabric as per the Weather

Choose the wool which is spun into fine threads and tightly woven. It is lightweight, breathable and suitable for winters. You can choose cotton for summers which is more breathable and perfect for summer weddings. 

Linen is a more specific fabric which looks alluring in summers. It is made for those who like a casual appearance.

Select an appropriate colour

You may not think that colour matters and black is the easiest choice however choosing the right colour is just as important.

  • Blue / navy blue: men’s suits in blue tones are considered as the basic business suit and ultimately can be the most versatile. It can be paired with almost any colour and can be dressed up or down. Blue is appropriate for any occasion, even as men’s wedding suits. Men’s blazers in blue tones look amazing and extremely versatile as they can be paired with different colours of pants and even jeans for a dressed down look.
  • Light grey or brown: These colour can be suitable for most seasons if paired with the right accessories. They can be dressed up or down however don’t have as many versatile options when it comes to colours that go well with them.
  • Black / Charcoal grey: These colour are great for your first suit and your go-to suit as darker tone suits have a multitude of options that will look great with it and always an expectable option. 

Type of Men’s Suits

Suits are typically divided into 3 categories. Two-piece, three-piece and tuxedo. Two piece suits include men’s blazer and pants. In three-piece, the vest is also there but not necessarily of the same fabric. And, a tuxedo is either in two-piece or three-piece form and perfect for men’s wedding suits.


There might be many rules of buying and wearing a suit but always wear what makes you feel comfortable and looks good. We, at Briggins, have affordable ready-made or made to order men’s suits and men’s blazers in Melbourne. We can help you in choosing the right suit for the right occasion. Call us on 03 8821 4168 for more information.